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Facilities Technician

San Bernardino, CA, USA

Facilities Technician

Job Description

The Facilities Technician will support and maintain the church campus. The primary objective is to ensure that all service elements contribute to creating an atmosphere conducive to a safe worship experience.


· Monitoring the safety of the interior and exterior areas of the campus, such as the office, kids wing, worship center, café, and outdoor recreation space.

· Performing routine maintenance on the facility and making repairs as needed.

· Routine inspection maintenance.

· Maintenance on the weeds throughout the campus

· Ability to lift heavy objects and knowledge on how to use power tools safely.

Qualifications & Gifting

· Ministry area/Department: Facilities Team

· Position: Facilities Technician

· Accountable to: Executive Director/Operations Director 

· Position is: Contract

· Talents or abilities desired: A desire to improve environments, leadership ability, and good


· Best personality traits: Humility, dependable, discreet, outgoing, and compassionate.

· Length of service commitment: Minimum of two years.

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