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Belong Kids

Belongs Kids is a safe, fun-filled faith place where all Kids Belong! Your child’s adventure begins as soon as you check them into their very own worship experience that happens simultaneously with the adult service. 


Belong Kids’ Worship experience is typically an hour. In the hour your child will have the opportunity to participate in worship, and prayer, and depending on their age experience a story about Jesus that is real for their life. Belong Kids is a curriculum-based experience. We partner with Think Orange Curriculum to equip parents and servant leaders with faith-based discoveries outside of Sunday Services. (Keep scrolling to download the app!) 



A little more about your kids' adventure!

Mother's Room

For the little ones under 3 that may not be ready to start the adventure with out you, we have a wonderful environment set up for you and them.  You can sit comfortably in our mothers room that streams the live service so that you and your little one can get used to the classroom experience before transitioning into our infant and toddler environment. 

Infant and Toddlers 

From birth to potty trained we have a fun and safe place for your tiny disciples to be loved, hear songs and stories about Jesus! 



3 year olds-Kindergarteners in just one hour will explore the Bible stories, build relationships with friends and even discover who Jesus is in their life. 



1st-5th Graders have the opportunity to engage in an interactive Bible story, small group exposures allowing the kids to create their own community they belong in, and participate in activities.


6th-12th Graders meet on Sunday Nights. Click here to learn more about our Belong YTH.

Join us on campus Sundays at 10:30 a.m. 

Belong Kids also encourages and fosters the mindset that we are never too young to Start giving. Belong Kids not only collects a giving during the worship experience, but they also pick different missions in the city of San Bernardino or the world to partner with to make an impact. 


Discovering Jesus outside of Sundays starts here!  Download the Parent cue app today!

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