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Community Bible Church is a place where you belong, it is a place you are loved, accepted, and forgiven. It is also a place where you are challenged and encouraged to live your life for Jesus Christ. 


Realize who God created you to be and live that out.



Be Present | ATTEND
Do not neglect the gathering of believers. There is something about coming together as the church where we see God show up and do something in lives around us including our own. 


Be Willing | SERVE
When we step us, step out, we see God show up. We will be a people of faith stepping out further than we could imagine and we will see God do more than we could ever expect. Serving starts with Sunday.

Be Generous | GIVE
It’s a blessing to be a blessing. It truly is better to give than receive and we will continue to live this out as a community and as individuals. Through our giving, we will see God do something greater in our church and beyond!

Be An Influencer | INVITE
We get to be a part of the Gospel. To be an influence in lives. God will and is using us! We will share the Gospel whether that is through God’s Word or an invitation to church. It starts with us, the Church. 

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