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Youth Director

San Bernardino, CA, USA

Youth Director

Job Description

The Youth Director will lead and oversee Youth across all Church experiences. The primary objective is to ensure that all Youth and families are connected, supported, and discipled within our church. 

Responsibilities Youth Groups

  • Manage all aspects of youth groups including content and leadership.

  • Confirm that all youth are connected to a group and growing spiritually.

  • Confirm all leaders are equipped to lead their groups.

  • Schedule youth team and equip them for upcoming group content.


  • Plan out future series creative elements to share possible ideas during the creative brainstorm.

  • Assist creative elements for the weekend services to confirm quality is accurate and is on schedule.

Worship Experience

  • Assist team for the weekend services, assuring that all content is complete and to the desired caliber.

  • Ensure that all team leaders and servant leaders are executing to their highest caliber, and nothing is missing. 

Volunteer Mentoring

  • Work with the Pastors to discuss best options for volunteers and teams' spiritual growth.

  • Lead weekly devotionals for the Volunteer team.

  • Identify, recruit, train and encourage volunteer positions that fall within the department.

Youth Mentoring

  • Work with the Pastors to discuss best options for youth spiritual growth.

  • Meet with youth periodically to connect and support.

  • Identify, recruit, train and encourage youth to connect to the church and to serve on one of our Serve Teams once a month.


  • Plan for future events in the youth department.

  • Plan ways in which the youth can BELONG in Christ, BELONG in Community, and BELONG in the Great Commission. 

  • Assist Kids Team in planning special Kids events

  • Assist Kids Team in planning transitions for pre-teens into Youth. 

Qualifications & Gifting

  • Ministry area/Department: Next Generation Team

  • Position: Youth Director

  • Accountable to: HQ Director/Next Gen Director

  • Ministry target: Youth/surrounding community

  • Position is: Part-time, 20 hours (More hours during seasons)

  • Position may be filled by: Church member or outside party

  • Minimum maturity level: Solid, mature Christian

  • Spiritual gifts: Pastoring/shepherding, administration, evangelism

  • Talents or abilities desired: A desire to minister to people, organizational skills, experience in leading youth, leadership ability, and a good communicator.

  • Best personality traits: Humility, dependable, discreet, outgoing, and compassionate.

  • Passion for: Ministering to people, shepherding a church and influencing the community for Christ.

  • Length of service commitment: Minimum of two years.

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